Terms and Services

Each reservation you make is subject to the terms and conditions listed below for Guildford Coach Hire and the specific booking specifications your chosen travel provider offers. Before making a reservation, you must confirm twice that you have read, comprehended, and agree with both policies.

Reasons for Service Arrival Delays

Guildford Coach Hire is not liable or obligated in any manner for delays resulting from events out of its reasonable control. Traffic jams, car accidents, bad weather, and other similar situations are included but not limited to. Both parties acknowledge that transportation delays, such as those brought on by renting a coach, are an inevitable component of doing business and do not amount to negligence on the part of the service provider. The parties expressly point to instances where the coach’s hiring resulted in delays. Imagine, for whatever cause. Due to traffic, the driver must change the route of the trip. Suppose the driver cannot get the passengers to their destination on time due to bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances. In that case, neither Guildford Coach Hire nor the driver will be held responsible for any losses that may come from this.

Reservation requests for the coaches

All payments must be received in full at least seven days before the specified trip date for the booking process to be completed. We reserve the right to cancel your appointment and forfeit any deposits made if payment is not received within seven days. We’ll likely need to deploy several smaller vehicles to complete the journey if numerous cars need to be pulled off the road due to an accident or a malfunction in their mechanical parts.

Policy on Cancellations

More than thirty days before the travel date, the customer may cancel a booking in writing without incurring any further fees; they will only forfeit the initial deposit they paid to secure the reservation. At least thirty days before the scheduled departure date, the customer must pay any supplementary fees that may be incurred. Let’s say a customer cancels a reservation with Guildford Coach Hire on the day of travel or with notice much shorter than 30 days. The Customer is then responsible for paying Guildford Coach Hire in full. The client will not receive their deposit back if they decide to cancel their reservation. If we have to cancel a trip, we will transfer deposits to other outings if space is available.

Spillage / Damages

Soft drinks, water, wine, alcohol, and other liquid spilled by mistake are all included. The driver will charge the passengers a minimum of fifty pounds for each incident if the passengers destroy anything or make a mess. The driver must receive payment in cash for any fines that are assessed as a result of improper use, damage, or spillage. The driver may permit drinking at their discretion, but only if the driver has already permitted passengers to consume alcoholic beverages. Drinking is only allowed if it has been discussed and agreed upon before the booking.

Pickups, deliveries, and extended hours

The driver may charge an extra cost of at least £10 to $25 for each additional drop-off that was not planned initially; the driver must be paid in full in cash for any sum charged. The client must spend a minimum of £50 per hour in addition to an hourly fee of £50 if, for whatever reason, they request an extended stay from the driver. Regardless of the customer’s desire, this criterion is applicable. It is the situation even if the driver meets the customer’s requirements.

Procedures for Mechanical Failures in Vehicles

We will be allowed to deploy a different car as agreed upon or multiple smaller vehicles to complete the journey if, for whatever reason, we encounter a vehicle’s mechanical breakdown. It holds even if an already-running car triggered the fault. Even though the attempt was unsuccessful, this authorization remains valid. As a result, we have formed alliances with numerous additional outside vendors to provide transport services to our clients.

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